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About Us

W E L C O M E 

Our most famous pole dance studio in Japan, POLISH strives in enabling everyone living in the modern world to be able to reflect on one's beauty as well as wellbeing, release stress built from everyday lives, and develop inner beauty as well as inner strength in the most enjoyable way possible.

Body and mind are closely connected,
let's POLISH inner beauty by strengthening not only one's body but also one's mind.

This website are only for ONLINE course from Studio Polish Tokyo Online ,JAPAN.

To be able to taking our courses, you may have to following this steps bellow :

  1. You will need to have your own account on our Online website. Your could easily sign-in with your Google account or your Facebook account. (This only a Polish ONLINE Website Member, not same with in-studio Member)

  2. Check the lesson schedule on our website calendar and pick to the lesson you decided to take. 

  3. Purchase your online lesson plan to complete your booking. 

  4. Once you complete your booking, you will receive the confirmation email together with the ZOOM Website unique link. Keep it! We could NOT be able to re-send the email and you will need it for your lesson day.

  5. Be Ready for your lesson day, click those link on your confirmation email. You MUST  5minutes before your lesson start. 

  6. You cannot re-enter or be late. 


Ready for POLISH Studio Online Lesson course? Have Fun! ♡

For more information, Please fill the contact form on this website bellow. Complete all the require informations. Our international English speakers staff are limited, delay may occur. We will replying your inquiry as soon as possible.

Via Phone inquiry are directed to the studio. We only communicate in Japanese and we hope you could understand.






- ROPPONGI - (Main studio)

 106-0032  Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 7-11-12

Power House Building #B2F

+81-03 5412 3555



 153-0051  Tokyo Meguro-ku Kamimeguro 1-6-5 

Mori Building #3F


Thanks for submitting! 返事がくるまでもう少しお待ちください。

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